Mio Tees – a screen printing and graphic company


MioTees is a local screen printing company started by my brother and me in Omaha, NE which provides affordable custom-made t-shirts to small business owners and non-profit organizations. The objective of the project was to create a logo, color standards, and a website for the company. Once the logo was made and colored standards set, the company was looking for a solution for clients to upload their art, select a garment, select quantities, and store and send that data to a backend CMS endpoint. I used the MailChimp API to send marketing emails, MySQL & PHP was used to store, edit, and add clients, products, and order information.

Customer facing site: www.miotees.com

The backend system was designed on top of the PHP framework ‘code ignitor’ and existing CMS code base with predetermined opinions and decisions. Some key features I developed for the system is ‘Order Status’ – Allows the print shop owner to update the status of the order such as ‘Ready to Print’ to ‘Ready for Delivery’. I’ve created a feature to allow the shop owner to upload the proof to the invoice with order details to be sent to the customer with a custom email template and message. On the business side of the company, I’ve developed an expenses and revenue module which allows the business owner to see how much profit was made from the order and how to split the profit amongst the owners.

Back end CMS for the business owner


  •  Angular JS
  •  PHP
  •  MySQL
  •  Code Ignitor

More Info:

The second version of the site will be released in early March 2018 with additional functionality such as ‘Track Order’, ‘Quick Quote’, and redesigned products page.
Link : www.miotees.com